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Get a UK IP address in minutes

The UsefulVPN service offers you a secure, affordable and easy to use method to access UK and USA based online services from anywhere in the world.

The VPN service creates a secure tunnel to our UK and USA based servers. Your Internet traffic is then rerouted through the UK or USA, giving you access to services that are otherwise not available. How does that work?

How can this help me?

Dan wants to play the Lottery, but his flight has been delayed and he cannot access the website as he is not in the UK yet.

By quickly logging onto to our UK server, Dan can access the site he needs, play his numbers and hopefully end up a winner!

You can connect using your operating system's built in VPN client using our PPTP servers. How do I do that?

Alternatively, for increased security you can use the 3rd party OpenVPN client. Both options are included when you sign up for the VPN Service. (Where can I get that from?)

With each VPN connection we also guarantee the dedicated bandwidth necessary for you to browse securely and unhindered.

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Free 48 Hour Trial Start Your Trial Now

Our Prices

Our prices are amongst the most competitive on the market. Only $6.00 per month for access to both the UK and USA service and no last minute added costs.

1 Month VPN Access

US Dollar $7.00 $6.00 $70.00
EURO €6.00 €5.00 €55.00
GBP £5.00 £4.00 £45.00

Supported Systems

Vista, XP, Windows 7, Mac OS